Weight Loss Service Dayton

About Our Weight Loss Service Dayton

Patients are our focus, and that’s one thing that all of our visitors notice from the initial weight loss consultation onward. We care about each individual, and we understand the mental, physical, and emotional ramifications of weight gain and loss. We know that losing weight can be difficult and can involve lots of self-sacrifice and change. That’s why we take special care to give our clients a medical weight loss service that doesn’t require deprivation and hunger.

Weight Loss Program Dayton - Weight Loss Service Dayton Ohio

Weight Loss Program Dayton – Weight Loss Service Dayton Ohio

At our weight loss clinic, starvation and strenuous workouts are never recommended. We want our patients to be able to have realistic programs to follow. Since our ultimate goal is to help our patients lose the weight and keep the pounds off, we don’t want to encourage doctor supervised weight loss systems that aren’t sustainable. The only thing harder than losing weight is keeping it off and at our weight loss clinic, we don’t want that to be true for any of our patients.

Prescription Medications for Weight Reduction

Our primary focus is on giving our patients the tools they need to make real changes to their diets and lifestyle. Along with this guidance and assistance, our top weight loss doctor is also pleased to offer prescription medications such as Adipex or Phentermine to help curb cravings and facilitate easier weight reduction.

Weight Loss Prescriptions Dayton - Weight Loss Service Dayton Ohio

Weight Loss Prescriptions Dayton – Weight Loss Service Dayton Ohio

These medications are not meant to be used for extended periods of time. With that being said, Phentermine or Adipex can safely and effectively be used by medical weight loss providers like Our weight loss doctor to make the initial part of the weight loss program less stressful for patients.

Since cravings are such a common reason for weight gain and dieting difficulties, Our weight loss doctor has crafted a patented supplement as well, known as Sensotherapy. This all-natural product has been shown to be highly effective at reducing the desire for sweet and salty snacks.


Prior to advising that a patient begin receiving medication, Our weight loss doctor will provide a full examination and evaluation as well as discuss any preexisting issues or conditions in detail. For those individuals who should not be using medications, this top weight loss doctor will work to find alternatives to make their doctor supervised weight loss system more successful.

Our Weight Loss Consultation

The consultation is your first opportunity to learn more about the weight loss doctor who will be providing you with treatment. For more than 35 years, Our weight loss doctor has been offering his clients non surgical weight loss treatments customized to meet patient goals and to help them attain a healthy weight and overall lifestyle.

Weight Loss Physician Dayton - Weight Loss Service Dayton Ohio

Weight Loss Physician Dayton – Weight Loss Service Dayton Ohio

At the initial consultation, you can expect the weight loss physician to discuss your individual struggles, your medical history, and your needs. He will provide a thorough examination in the hopes of discovering any latent issues that may affect your ability to lose the weight. Once this top weight loss doctor has a better idea of what your personal goals are, he will discuss your options with you so that both you and he can be on the same page in terms of the best weight loss program for you.

Body Contouring

The mark of a quality non surgical weight loss system is one that provides helpful tools and products to patients throughout treatment. Body contouring is just one of the many assets Our weight loss doctor offers at his medical weight loss facility.

Sonic Body Sculpting Dayton - Weight Loss Service Dayton Ohio

Sonic Body Sculpting Dayton – Weight Loss Service Dayton Ohio

Through the use of radio frequency energy, this treatment is able to help dissolve fat and reduce the appearance of cellulite and other imperfections. By placing heat on localized areas of the body, the procedure can target issues in problem areas, from the hips and buttocks to the outer thighs and abs. As one of the only Dayton weight loss clinics to offer this treatment, our practice is committed to utilizing the most cutting-edge tools to help our patients. While not something we use on its own, sonic body sculpting procedures can be a great way to boost toning and give our patients the more trim, youthful look they seek.

B12 Shots

Another tool that is utilized by the best Dayton weight loss clinics is the B12 fat burner shot. Also known as the skinny shot, this cocktail helps the body burn fat and carbohydrates so as to promote improved weight reduction. Again, these shots are rarely used alone. Instead, they are implemented as a tool to assist patients who are already making changes in their lifestyle and habits.

Fat Burner Shots Dayton – Weight Loss Service Dayton Ohio

Our weight loss doctor is a weight loss physician who believes a combination of traditional and modern methods is what makes the best weight loss program. These shots, which serve to boost metabolism and energy, can help improve results as well as give patients the little extra edge they need to have more vibrancy and alertness throughout the day.

Schedule a Weight Loss Consultation

If you’re looking for a Dayton doctor supervised weight loss service run by a weight loss doctor you can trust, we invite you to pay us a visit at the clinic of Our weight loss doctor . Our weight loss program is easily customized, and has been shown to be one of the most successful services available. We encourage you to take a look at the many patient testimonials available on our website. One has only to read a few to discover just how powerful our weight loss program can be. To ask any of your questions or to schedule a consultation, give our staff a call today. Call (937) 684-4099.