Lynette’s Weight Loss Story

When I first came to this weight loss clinic, I wanted to lose 30 pounds. Turning 50, I was starting to get that “middle-age spread,” which I was not enjoying, especially since my clothes were not fitting well. I started this medical weight loss program to get comfortable in my clothes and with my body.

Honestly, I don’t remember exactly how much I weighed in the beginning. I only know I had all these clothes in my closet that I wanted to fit into, and I did not feel healthy. I did not feel like I could go out and walk a mile if I wanted to. More than anything, I was just uncomfortable.

Thanks to this weight loss physician and the staff at this clinic, I quickly lost the weight within the first few months. That was three years ago, and I have kept the weight off.

Patient: Lynette
Starting Weight: 164lbs
Final Weight: 134lbs
Total Weight Lost: 30lbs
Maintained: Three Years+

The complete interview and video with Lynette about her weight loss is here:
Weight Loss Story: Lynette